Welcome to my imaginary world, my name is Dejan Beljic and I just love to make web sites. This is my personal site where you can find basic things about me and see some of my works.
If you want to contact me, have any questions, or you would like to criticise or praise my work or just to say hello, ask my friend Micko the chicken (look downside)-one of the most famous chickens in my neighbourhood, he will point You to the right direction. I just have to warn You, Micko isn't in the best mood today ; )

I hope you'll enjoy your visit!



I'm 31 years old and live in Valjevo, Serbia! A few years dealing with designing websites. For me, Web design is not only business but also a real pleasure ; ) I take every design, which I'm working on, as a real challenge. It's not just matter of choosing appropriate colors, images and shapes. I'm working hard to create unique design, to leave a personal mark and I don't quit until I'm fully satisfied, and until I meet the expectations.

Other interests:

  • Computers, Internet, creativity in all forms...
  • Sports, Fishing, personal development...


I will not bother You with long paragraphs about how modern and functional my design is as well as how my knowledge is beyond all known boundaries of the human mind ; ) but I will gladly admit that I'm trying to, day by day, increase knowledge and continually learn new things. For the time being, I'm doing fine with:

  • Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator
  • (X)HTML, CSS
  • CMS: Joomla, Wordpress
  • Php/MySQL, Javascript (basics)

One more thing...

I have a need to thank all those guys who selflessly share their knowledge with others. Thanks to all authors of tutorials which can be found on the web, all forums, communities which are always a big help. Thank you for your effort and time that you spent offering your knowledge and wisdom.